How the Oil Syringe Offers Better Control, Accuracy and Efficiency

For those of us using cannabis concentrates for medicinal purposes, measuring the right dosage is essential. This isn’t always the easiest task. The oil syringe is a tool that allows you to get very precise with dosage measurement. Yet, the public image of the syringe has been damaged by heroin use and general fear of needles, though a cannabis oil syringe typically bypasses the use of a needle. Due to people’s misconceptions and apprehensions about oil syringes, patients often rely on sub-par methods of measuring and distributing their medicine. This often results in an inadequate dosage or wasted concentrates which can really add up. With such a fantastic tool of measurement readily available, we wanted to get the word out on the benefits of using a syringe specifically designed for cannabis concentrates.

What’s Your Purpose in Using an Oil Syringe?

There isn’t really one standard model of oil syringe on the market, so it pays to search for a design that will work best for your individual needs. No matter your preference of viscosity, there is a syringe on the market that can help. If you’re using your syringe for dosage, as opposed to just easier handling of concentrates, you’ll want to find a model that features distinct measurement lines on the side of the syringe’s body. Combined with the control afforded by a syringe, this will allow you to get a highly accurate measurement for your dose.

How Syringes Get the Most from Your Concentrates

As we mentioned earlier, it’s easy to waste precious concentrates when not using a cannabis oil syringe. You can stop making this expensive mistake thanks to the plunger mechanism built into an oil syringe. The plunger creates a gentle vacuum that allows the syringe to efficiently slurp up oils and concentrates without leaving a drop behind. Can oil get trapped inside the syringe? Sure. But this loss is nothing compared to how much you can leave behind as residue when using other methods of handling your concentrates.

Applicator or No Applicator?

Using a metal applicator can further lead to residual waste but some users still prefer it for the additional control it grants them. If you’re not sure you want an applicator or are concerned by the negative image surrounding an applicator, you can rest assured that most oil syringes do not include the applicator. But if an applicator is essential for your needs, it can be purchased separately.

The Poor Image of the Syringe

Syringes are often associated with heroin use, which could deter a patient from trying out this highly effective tool. But just as we use spoons daily despite their use in prepping heroin, we should embrace the thoroughness and accuracy of the oil syringe. Likewise, fear of needles should not play into someone’s decision to refrain from using a cannabis oil syringe, since these syringes do not need to be equipped with a needle or applicator and rarely include one with purchase.

Due to the performance and precision of the oil syringe, several producers package their products in child-resistant Luer lock syringes. It keeps everything neat while offering the customer the extra benefit of accurately measured doses. The syringe combines heightened measuring capabilities, improved control and better efficiency. If an aversion to needles or unwarranted comparisons to heroin use have put you off trying an oil syringe, today may be a great day to give this handy tool a shot.

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