Why Do Glass Weed Jars Remain So Popular as Cannabis Packaging?

Cannabis is a distinctively sensitive commodity, both physically and legally. Certain precautions need to be taken to ensure that marijuana stays as fresh as possible. Likewise, cannabis packaging must also account for state laws and restrictions. Factor in consumer preference and branding and 420 packaging suddenly seems staggeringly complex. Fortunately, we’ve followed the lines to find that most packaging requirements intersect at glass weed jars. Consumers, producers and dispensaries alike typically prefer weed jars for their cannabis packaging. Here’s why.

Glass is More Airtight Than Most Cannabis Packaging Materials

Oxygen is the prime enemy of weed storage. Luckily, glass weed jars are proven to be highly effective in providing an airtight barrier that keeps cannabis isolated from oxygen’s decaying effects. While plastic marijuana storage jars are popular, especially for their portability, glass provides a more effective defense against oxygen. This is because oxygen particles have a tougher time penetrating glass than plastic. Air can obviously still get in through the jar’s closure and will remain trapped inside the jar, so it’s imperative to keep the container as full of content as possible to reduce the potential space for trapped oxygen. However, stuffing marijuana storage jars too tightly creates ideal conditions for mold. Don’t worry; finding the right balance is easier than it sounds.

How Do Glass Weed Jars Block UV Light?

THC, the compound in cannabis responsible for its psychoactive effects, is sensitive to ultraviolet light which can negatively impact the marijuana’s potency. While you may think that glass isn’t the best cannabis packaging for light resistance, there are ways to get the same benefits from glass weed jars as you would from an opaque plastic container. 420 packaging requires the use of state-mandated warning labels that can be made part of the packaging. These marijuana labels, along with any custom labeling baring the branding of the product, can be wrapped around the clear façade of weed jars to make them effectively light-resistant. In addition, black glass options have started to hit the market. While plastic airtight containers for weed are typically the first option when considering light-resistance, glass weed jars shouldn’t be regarded as insufficient.

Glass 420 Packaging is Proven to Be Hygienic

Is glass more hygienic than plastic? Plastic cannabis packaging has been the subject of scrutiny for fear that toxic chemicals from the plastic leach into the contents of the container. However, most plastic 420 packaging is made from BPA-free, fully recyclable materials. Consumers still view glass weed jars as a safer storage option than plastic marijuana storage jars. Glass is a highly hygienic material, used regularly in the food industry, so it’s a good choice for those with a “better safe than sorry” mindset.

Using Glass to Adhere to Marijuana Laws for Child Resistance

While laws on cannabis packaging differ from state to state, they can all agree on one thing: child resistance is integral. There’s a common misconception that child resistance relies solely on the closure of a container. However, several factors are considered, such as a child’s ability to penetrate packaging by damaging the material itself. During testing, children are told that they can rip, tear, bite…whatever they think will allow them access. While glass can be shattered, it’s still considered a child resistant material for its inability to be bit open or torn apart. If a glass weed jar is outfitted with a child resistant closure, it should pass state requirements for child safety.

All types of 420 packaging have their benefits, but glass weed jars remain a favorite with several good reasons. Visit any dispensary and among the mylar bags and plastic vials, you’ll still find glass jars as a popular option for high end cannabis packaging and the leading choice in weed storage. For patients who want freshness and potency from their medical marijuana, glass is as good as gold.

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